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A Guide to the Rigged Election

What follows, as best as I can imagine, is a list of the beliefs that a person would need to hold in order to believe that the 2020 presidential election was rigged by Democrats in order to produce a Biden victory:

  • First, I suppose you’d need to believe that a majority of the American electorate truly supports Donald Trump.  I guess it wouldn’t need to be a majority.  It wasn’t in 2016.  But nevertheless, you’d need to believe that support for the president is significantly greater than what the reported election results currently suggest.
  • This would mean that you’d need to believe that the polls were wrong.  Which they were.  Once again, the polls seem to have dramatically miscalculated Donald Trump’s popularity.  So, I suppose you’d need to believe that the Democrats successfully rigged the polls, too, but then failed to rig the election results in a way that would reflect the fake polls that they created.
  • What is more, while successfully rigging the presidential election, you’d need to believe that Democrats were for some reason not as successful at rigging important races for the House and Senate, which would’ve actually allowed Biden to carry out his presidential agenda.  You’d also need to believe this in spite of the fact that those Congressional elections, in theory, should’ve been easier to rig.
  • Or, perhaps you believe that Democrats purposefully allowed Republicans to pick up seats in Congress to throw people off the scent of their rigging of the presidency.  Quite the sophisticated plan.
  • But also, the plan couldn’t have been that sophisticated, as Democrats also forgot to tell their ballot-filler-inners not to fill in their fake ballots on camera, and to tell their late-night-illegal-ballot-truck-drivers not to deliver all 130,000 illegal ballots at the same time!  Maybe somebody else was in charge of that part of the plan.
  • But again, there must have been some level of sophistication to organize all that rigging in states that literally have thousands of polling places that employ tens-of-thousands of election judges.  As well as to coordinate the rigging effort between states since there is no one swing state that could flip the electoral college back in Trump’s favor.
  • Perhaps you believe that coordination took place amongst the “Blue Wall” states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, considering their proximity to one another.  These states would’ve given Trump the presidency, and he only lost them by about 200,000 combined votes, which really isn’t that many.
  • But this might be difficult to reconcile with the fact that you didn’t have similar concerns when Trump won these states back in 2016 by only 77,000 votes—states which are historically difficult to win for Republican candidates, hence the name “Blue Wall”.
  • Of course, your focus is on Pennsylvania, which would’ve been impossible for Joe Biden to win (even though that’s the state of his birth) if not for the cheating of the Democrat-controlled city of Philadelphia.
  • This is because you believe that for some reason only Democrats are capable of cheating, even though the Republican Party has spent decades trying to make it more difficult for Americans to vote (it’s not cheating if you make the rules).
  • But you also must believe that a significant number of Republicans are in on the rigging, too, especially in Republican-controlled states like Georgia and Arizona. 
  • And don’t forget Fox News!  They were the first ones to call Arizona for Biden!
  • Or maybe you’re just against mail-in voting, or question the legitimacy of states counting ballots received after election day, even if those ballots were postmarked by election day.
  • But this would also complicate your belief that the majority of the country is actually for Trump, since it would basically mean that your guy’s election victory would depend on depriving countless Americans of what, according to the rules at the time, were supposed to be legally cast ballots.
  • But what everyone seems to agree on is that Trump has a right to bring evidence of election irregularities to the courts—a fairly normal procedure in the aftermath of a close election.
  • But if the judges were to rule against him, that would mean they must also be in on the rigging, despite the fact that one of the most important accomplishments of Trump’s presidency was his record-setting appointments of conservative judges to the federal judiciary.

This, to me, seems to be at minimum what a person would need to believe in order to believe that the 2020 presidential election was rigged by Democrats to produce a Biden victory.  That and that most of our political and journalistic institutions at a local, state, and national level are so thoroughly corrupted that, no matter who’s president, our democracy is beyond saving. 

The only other alternative is to believe that Donald Trump—one of the most controversial and divisive presidents in history—narrowly lost a democratic election, fair and square, to a Democratic candidate who was slightly better than the Democratic candidate that Trump narrowly defeated four years ago, fair and square.  And that, obviously, sounds impossible.

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12 thoughts on “A Guide to the Rigged Election

  1. Jim says:

    D did not expected that B actually so fragile, they are partially fooled by the fake polls, then has to used some obvious dirty tricks put B on top, that is why vote fraud so obvious


  2. Asking for a friend says:

    Have the proud boys three percenters or any q anon supporters burned down any cities yet? No rioting? No ruined lives and businesses? Weird lol 😂


  3. Egg on face says:

    Phony bologna Russia hoax and election collusion with no proof or legitimacy And investigations… obama his fbi and others spying on a presidential candidate. Hillary and dems for four years not accepting the 2016 election and calling it stolen ever since, claiming the electoral college needed to go…. 😂 Then putting up everything they could without merit or legitimacy to stop or slow anything orange man did or tried to do. Calling and berating anyone on the right as racist xenophobic white supremacist And nazis. The shows and displays of moral degeneracy in the streets by the left and biden supporters… now they think the other side should just acquiesce And accept? No no they want the side they loathed for so long to unite with them and the idiocy they support lol 😂 what was the saying in 2016 “not my president” the left set the precedent and keeps escalating the impending gangs of new york future we are headed to…. funny thing one side is armed and trained the other is full of limp wrist kids mad at the world yelling from moms basement.


    • CPK: I appreciated your continued support. But it would be nice if just ONCE you would respond to what was written by ME instead of always responding to the meme of what you imagine “the left” to be.


      • CPK says:

        What the fuck you talking about? My comment is below and blogs are for discussion right so whats wrong with me talking about what i want or questions i have ?


      • Cpk says:

        It be nice bubbles if you and others answered or commented back vs the grammar and ad hominem attacks i get and the commenting as me putting shit in my mouth! fuck off with your trying to control what i comment typical of u & ur type though….


      • Cpk says:

        You live under a rock if you truly believe the left is what you write it is! The right aint much better But you already call them out let’s apply the same lens to your darlings on the left tho!


  4. CPK says:

    As an independent i have to ask is the left really that blind to the media biases in the lefts favor? The Hillary email scandal and its coverage the obama And fbi spying the hunter bide laptop tara reade and the allegations of biden penetrating her vagina unwanted and many others that are or have merit and should be investigated that were just written off or “debunked” with out any proof or actual debunking or that are immediately labeled “not credible” with no supporting evidence to that claim…. now compare that to the 3.5 years of Russia coverage that was based on lies and deceit the Kavanaugh hearings And someone’s hear say they went back to the guys high school year book for crying out loud! But nothing on the former i stated is worth reporting or looking into? They with the media are manipulating reality for those with no foresight or will too look into things and investigate!


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