Poetry, Religion

An atheist’s guide to love and the after life in free verse


I believe in something,

Not a magical, religious, bullshit type of something,

But a something that we as social creatures create with one another,

Sometimes we call it friendship,

Other times we call it love,

The best are both,

And when that something gains enough strength,

It becomes something real,

Something physical,

Something that exists,

An energy,

And that energy is perceptible to those who participated in its creation,

It can travel great distances to help us share emotions across space and time,

Like car antennas picking up invisible radio waves,

Although no instrument has been designed to measure or perceive that energy,

To prove and explain its existence,

The human body knows it’s there,

And while I don’t believe in any after life that we experience,

Or in which consciousness is maintained,

Perhaps our energy goes on,

Perhaps we can create love that does indeed last forever,

Like two vines sprouting from buried lovers’ adjacent tombs,

Finding each other and wrapping together to become one,

Love that will outlive the survival of our planet,

Our galaxy,

A collection of stardust that makes up the lovers that once were,

Destined to dance and move together,

Through the otherwise cruel and indifferent universe,

For all eternity.

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